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A creative video agency with webwaap.
An innovative video studio with webwaap.

Who is Webwaap ?

We are not just a video production company. We are a group of fun, talented and creative people who really love what we do.
Although we live in Pittsburgh, Wrecking Crew Media has partnered with clients around the world in areas such as healthcare, sports, nonprofits, technology, education, business media businesses business, manufacturing, energy, advertising and public relations.
No matter what industry our customers focus on, we have the same video philosophy. Our job is to use video storytelling to create content for the purpose of impacting your business or organization.

More than just video production

Our customers benefit from our innovative and creative approach to video production as well as a range of other services, such as:

* Motion graphics and animations

* Strategic and conceptual planning

* Original music and sound design

We pride ourselves on adapting to each customer’s unique needs. If you are new to the world of video production, we can guide your project through all stages of production. For marketing professionals looking for the right partner, our team can work with you to help you achieve your goals. Wrecking Crew Media has also successfully partnered with resellers looking to expand their capabilities.
Ready to make a video? Let’s talk.

Our Webwaap Video Production Studios.

Webwaap Media Studios includes 4 video editing suites, a live production space, a full audio production and publishing facility, and multiple client meeting areas. Live, virtual, or a bit of both, the Webwaap Media team is scalable and capable.

Inspired by Legends.

Legendary Webwaap. A small group of session musicians have come together to create some of the most iconic pieces in history. From the Beach Boys to the Ronettes, from Elvis to Sinatra. They are the best of the best. Creativity, Efficiency, Innovation. Words have guided Webwaap Media since we created it in 2015.

Agency Partnerships

Webwaap focuses on creating video and audio content. As a partner agency, we leave the agency’s strategy, identity, media buying, and other business to you. Let us help you realize your video concept and expand your agency capabilities. Learn more about collaboration.

Our goal is to create content that will stay in the minds of our target audience. Content will be emotionally connected and memorable, long after first viewing.

We’re great listeners, so why not have a chat?

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